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Watermelon Cookies


Watermelon Cookies CBD strain is a delicious strain reminiscent of watermelon, fresh berries, and candy. It’s bursting with flavor and also simultaneously offers relief from stress, fatigue, and chronic pain, so it’s perfect for those with muscle issues, arthritis, or mood disorders.

  • Genetics: Indica dominant hybrid
  • Effects: Anti-pain / Anti-stress
  • Culture: Indoor
  • CBD: 11% max
  • THC: less than 0.2%
  • Grown on an organic farm without pesticides or herbicides

Our CBD flowers are marketed with laboratory analysis certification (THC <0.2%) in accordance with European legislation.
All products marketed by Yummyweed.co comply with European laws on the cultivation of hemp.

The Watermelon Cookies strain is an indica-dominant strain, but no one is 100% sure where it comes from.
It will likely be a crossbreed of parents from the Berry family, which would explain the sensational flavor. This strain is known for its uplifting qualities and is a treat to smell and taste. Users suggest that the best way to consume Watermelon Cookies is through a vape as you get all of the aromatic qualities that make this strain famous.


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