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Strawberry Diesel


This cross between NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough is a true hybrid. Strawberry Diesel provides consumers with a well-balanced experience and relaxes your muscles while creating an energetic and lucid sensation without any pyschoactive effect as the THC level is less than 0.2%.
If you are looking for help with insomnia, Strawberry Diesel may be your perfect match. Perfect for day or night use, this strain is incredibly versatile.
Sweet berry aroma accompanied by a strong strawberry scent. Unique fresh taste on the palate

  • Genetics: Hybrid 50%
  • Effects: Relaxing / Anti-stress
  • Usage: Anxiety, depression, Chronic pain
  • CBD: 11% maxi
  • THC: less than 0.2%
  • Culture: Indoor – on an ORGANIC farm without pesticides or herbicides


Strawberry CBD is a deliciously scented blast, bringing you all the experiences and feelings of a carefree childhood, accompanied by a magnificent taste.

Some variety flavors are designed to appeal to an adult audience. These flavors are more sophisticated, with intriguing tastes that allow you to dwell on them and experience them slowly and with appreciation. Some people even compare certain varieties to whiskey or cigars, with subtle flavors that develop over time.

However, some people do not want it. Some cannabis users want a simple, basic flavor profile. Some people even actively seek out strains that have a childish flavor profile with sweet tastes.

If you are one of those flavor lovers, then Strawberry CBD is for you. With a taste straight out of your childhood dreams, this succulent strain is worth it for its flavor alone.

Let’s take a closer look at this strain to see if it has more than just flavor.

What is Strawberry Diesel CBD strain?

The Strawberry CBD strain is one of those hybrid strains that manages to balance its indica and sativa content perfectly. Predictably created by crossing Strawberry and NYC Diesel strains, this strain is loaded with delicious flavors and a surprisingly good list of highs.

Just as the memory of pure strawberry flavors reminds you of a simpler and calmer time, Strawberry Diesel brings you back to your childhood. Expect to feel endlessly relaxed, relaxed, and calm after smoking even a little Strawberry CBD.

As the smoke enriches your lungs, a deep, pleasurable relaxation sets in, just like a calm and comfortable Saturday afternoon. It not only tastes like the very concept of childhood distilled into a cannabis strain, but it also feels like that time of recklessness.

Apathy and the happiness of doing nothing will sap your strength and energy, but not so much like a completely potent indica. Her sativa side will make you feel like you can accomplish anything, but not so much that you want to get up and go.

Calm is the main property of this strain, providing you with relative sedation and serene calm. However, it is not at all powerful enough to put you to sleep, which allows you to sit and relax for a long time without falling asleep.

Strawberry Diesel CBD is therefore a really calm and pleasant strain, serving as a beautiful reminder of the great times past.


The aroma of the Strawberry CBD strain is, unsurprisingly, linked to its name. It offers a wide mix of berries and strawberry chewing gum. If you’ve never felt the vibrant smell of a freshly unwrapped strawberry chewing gum stick, it will probably look like this.

It’s definitely like strawberries, but almost more of a distilled strawberry taste, almost like it’s in its purest form.

There is also an earthy touch, which also gives it a whole new level of depth.


As you consume your Strawberry CBD and its smoke fills your mouth, you will get the same profile as the aroma right away.

You get a big blast of sweetness and savory strawberry flavors that taste like strawberry candy. However, that hint of berry is also extremely noticeable, giving you a delicious flavor profile.

The flavor of the chewing gum is a little surprising if you don’t expect it, giving you that kind of childish feeling. It’s not at all unpleasant, and makes you feel like you’ve just bought strawberry candy …


The appearance of the buds of the Strawberry CBD strain is surprisingly candy-like. It’s delicate, almost resembling a piece of popcorn covered in lint. There is a considerable amount of orange hairs that are almost unheard of in thickness. There are also plenty of frosty trichomes covering the bud, giving a great indication of its intense flavor. It is also extremely resinous.

Benefits of Strawberry CBD strain

The Strawberry CBD strain may be praised for its delicious flavor, but it is also highly regarded for its medical uses.

For those struggling with ongoing pain, whether from a long term injury or from an undiagnosed cause, this strain is excellent. Its high CBD content and relaxing effects allow you to almost completely eliminate pain sensations from your body.

This also applies to those who suffer from headaches, especially migraines. Migraines are among the worst pain you can suffer from, and this strain is frequently used to treat them. After taking a large enough dose of Strawberry CBD, it is simply impossible to fight headaches or pain.

It is also very useful for modulating mood swings or drops in emotion. This is because it gives you such abundant feelings of calm, relaxation, and happiness that it is difficult to experience depression. If you suffer from any type of mental disorder this is a great strain to help you get through a particularly tough day.

Finally, for those who suffer from chronic fatigue, this strain might be just what you need.


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