Crumble CBD 95%

Our CBD crumble is extracted from organic Swiss hemp flowers with a minimum purity of 95%. There is no trace of THC, pesticides, or heavy metal residues.
One of the most beneficial attributes of CBD crumble is the extremely quick relief one can experience, sometimes within seconds.

To be used as a spray.

  • Fast Pain Relief, Anti-stress
  • CBD: 95% max
  • THC: 0%

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Fast pain relief

One of the most beneficial attributes of CBD crumble is the extremely quick relief one can experience, sometimes within seconds.

Inhaling CBD crumble through a device like a vaporizer provides the fastest form of relief. When inhaled, CBD is absorbed by the lungs and goes directly into the bloodstream.
This means that the effects of CBD can be delivered within seconds.

Daily use of CBD crumble

CBD Crumble is great for everyday use, unlike many other alternatives such as medical marijuana. CBD won’t leave you sedated so you can get on with your workday and be productive. CBD crumble encourages a sense of focus and can help relieve stress, leaving you more productive.

3 benefits of CBD crumble

1. Potency – As stated above, CBD crumble can contain up to 95% CBD. This means that you only need a small amount for an effective dose. This may make it suitable for people who need large amounts of CBD to treat their pain or stress.

2. Fast acting – Especially when vaporized, CBD crumble has an extremely fast effect. This is especially important for those of you dealing with chronic pain who need immediate relief.

3. Convenient – The crumble is small and convenient to carry. It has no odor and can be consumed quickly and discreetly in a number of ways.

How to use CBD crumble?

Probably the most common way to consume CBD crumble is to vaporize it which involves heating a small amount of the crumble until it vaporizes and then inhaling the vapor. This can be done with a dab rig (similar to a bong) or with a vaporizer that accepts concentrates like the Mighty, Pax 3, CFX Boundless.

CBD crumble can also be smoked. Either in a joint or a bong, and sometimes with another herb to improve the way it burns. It is an effective way to consume CBD crumble, although any type or burn comes with its own risks, especially your lung health.

Making edibles with CBD crumble is also possible. This involves either simply throwing crumble into your favorite brownie recipe, or using the crumble to make CBD butter and use it to cook. Eating CBD crumble won’t work immediately, but it can be more potent once it starts to work.

Finally, by harnessing the ability of cannabis extracts to dissolve into fat, you can create CBD infused creams. Just heat and mix the extract into the coconut oil until it is completely dissolved. Optionally, one could add essential oils to try to harness other powerful compounds. Allow the coconut oil mixture to harden at room temperature and apply to the skin if necessary.


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