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Amnesia CBD


With earthy aromas of lemon and citrus, Amnesia CBD is a perfect strain to start your day smoothly. Amnesia CBD was designed to come close to the many benefits of the original Amnesia. Original Amnesia can be very potent and not suitable for everyone, but this “light” version, derived from crossing original Amnesia and different species of CBD, can be consumed at any time without any psychoactive effects.

  • Genetics: Hybrid 50%
  • Effects: Relaxing
  • Usage: Chronic pain, Anxiety, Depression
  • CBD: 11% max
  • THC: 0.18 to 0.2%
  • Indoor – on an ORGANIC farm without pesticides or herbicides

Amnesia CBD offers relaxing and calming effects. This variety brings’ energy and positivism.
Its potency is moderate, but very rich in CBD and low in THC, leaving only the most relaxing effects to relieve many ailments.
Amnesia CBD has very strong tastes and scents. Haze lovers will see their expectations met from afar with this strain and its incredible fragrance bursting with lots of citrus notes.

Our CBD flowers are marketed with laboratory analysis certification (THC <0.2%) in accordance with European legislation.
All products marketed by Yummyweed.co comply with European laws on the cultivation of hemp.


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