Our “Resellers” program allows you to distribute our products with a substantial margin on each sale.
The reseller is the intermediary between the end consumer and the Yummyweed brand.
Becoming a reseller allows you to sell our products in specialized stores, kiosks, e-commerce sites, service stations, convenience stores, concept stores, etc.


Why become a CBD cannabis reseller?

  • Get preferential rates.
  • Benefit from our brand image.
  • Minimize your risks thanks to a stock adapted to your activity.
  • Benefit from Premium products that meet strict quality standards.
  • Work in complete serenity with products certified in specialized laboratories. (Legal THC level)
  • Enjoy a large margin on every sale.
  • Benefit from a turnkey solution (packaging, POS, …)

    Anyone wishing to sell dried hemp flowers wholesale or retail or any other CBD-based product must first refer to the legislation in force in the country of marketing.

    We provide our customers with full traceability of each product (certificate, results of analyzes carried out by an approved laboratory attesting to the legal THC rate as well as the CBD rate.)

    If you would like to become a CBD reseller, or obtain our professional price catalog, please contact us:
    IMPORTANT: In your e-mail, please indicate your full contact details (Name, First name, Company, Address, Phone) otherwise your request will not be processed.

    By phone at: +352 661 307 944

    By Email: hello@yummyweed.co